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The inaugural issue of the Concordia Sociology & Anthropology graduate student-run journal, inDiscipline, is out! Read it here.

From the journal:

About inDiscipline

inDiscipline is an interdisciplinary graduate student journal published annually by the Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students’ Association at Concordia University. This first publication showcases the work of some of the participants from the 2014 Graduate Student Conference, which is organized by SAGSA annually. The them of the 2014 conference was Intersections: Multidisciplinarity, Method and Medium in Social Science Research.


Conference Live Blogging

Even if you can’t make the conference, follow panel live blogging via Twitter:


3…2…1… Intersections 2014 Takes Off!!!

Martin French introduces Elizabeth


Liz introduces Alexandrine…

And we’re off!


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Intersections 2014 Keynote

The Intersections 2014 keynote address will be presented by Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier of the University of Victoria. Dr. Boudreault-Fournier will make her address on Thursday, March 13 at 3:30pm in H-1145, Hall Building, SGW Campus, Concordia. The keynote is open to the public.

To download & disseminate: Keynote Poster

To Intersect, to Interact and to Interweave: Beyond the Fear of Experimenting in Anthropology

What if instead of looking at intersection as a noun, we would approach it as a verb? This would imply a series of actions such as: to intersect, to interact, to interconnect, to interweave, to intertwine and to interrelate. What does this ‘inter’ imply and how can we approach it as a dynamic and relational process? To intersect is understood here as a process which brings us ‘forward’ and which encourages us to experiment with different research methodologies. It further obliges us to think reflexively and critically about our own methodological approaches. How would the role of the anthropologist be transformed by an active deconstruction of some boundaries that are the hallmarks of our discipline? Based on past and on-going research projects that crisscross disciplinary boundaries, this presentation calls for a ‘forward’, dynamic, multidisciplinary and improvisational approach to anthropological research. It further indicates avenues of research that promise to intersect with new openings.

abf portraitDr. Boudreault-Fournier is a professor of anthropology at the University of Victoria and a Concordia University alumna. She specializes in visual anthropology, sound, relational aesthetics, digital technologies, cultural policy, and Cuban and Latin American studies, and her research explores an “ethnography of image and sound production” through experiments with audio-visual media.

Intersections 2014 Poster

To download and disseminate: Conference Poster – Final

Conference Poster - Final

Presentation Tech Details

There will be Windows-based computers, projectors, screens and sound systems for panelist use in the conference rooms. If you are planing to use a power point during your presentation, we encourage you to export your presentation to a PDF (this feature is available in MS Power Point, Libre Office Impress, etc.) and send it to us at by Wednesday, March 12. We will keep these files on hand in case there are unforeseen problems with the file you bring to your presentation.

Supported Visual Presentation Formats

  • Power Point (.pptx / .ppt)
  • Word (.docx / .doc)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Prezi (


Supported Audio Formats

  • MP3


Supported Video Formats

  • TBD


Faculty Roundtable Participants

As part of Intersections / Convergences 2014 we have organized a roundtable discussion session that includes Department of Sociology & Anthropology faculty members as well as our visiting conference keynote speaker. The panelists confirmed for this special session are:

The question under consideration is what (if any) is the role of creativity and / or ‘new’ methodological approaches in contemporary social sciences research?

Panelists will each have turn to speak to the question before the discussion is opened to include the audience.

When: Friday, March 14, 2014 from 2:45 – 5:00

Where: Department of Sociology & Anthropology, H-1120

This panel, and the rest of the Intersections / Convergences 2014 conference is open to the public.