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The inaugural issue of the Concordia Sociology & Anthropology graduate student-run journal, inDiscipline, is out! Read it here.

From the journal:

About inDiscipline

inDiscipline is an interdisciplinary graduate student journal published annually by the Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Students’ Association at Concordia University. This first publication showcases the work of some of the participants from the 2014 Graduate Student Conference, which is organized by SAGSA annually. The them of the 2014 conference was Intersections: Multidisciplinarity, Method and Medium in Social Science Research.


Dr. Alan Liu – Mickey Mouse Creativity

Mickey Mouse Creativity: Contemporary Ideologies of Creativity in Today’s Digital Economy

When: April 3, 2014, 4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Where: Sir George Williams Campus Samuel Bronfman Building Atrium (1590 Docteur Penfield)

From Concordia News:

Dr. Alan Liu will give the 2014 Lahey Lecture. As the prime mover for the Voice of the Shuttle web site for humanities research and one of the early boosters of digital humanities, Ley will discuss the use of digital tools for creative purposes. He will be interrogating all the hype around the new “creative economy.”

Liu is a Professor of English, University of California at Santa Barbara. He is the author of Local Transcendence: Essays on Postmodern Historicism and the Database (University of Chicago Press, 2008),The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and the Culture of Information (University of Chicago Press, 2004), andWordsworth: The Sense of History (Stanford University Press, 1989).

The Lahey Lecture is an annual lecture hosted by the English Department.

The Ability Jam @Tag_Lab

The Ability Jam @Tag_Lab

Erkki Huhtamo Seminar & Lecture

via @bartsimon

The Media History Research Centre and TAG are sponsoring a series of events with Erkki Huhtamo of UCLA next week. These events include a seminar on April 8 (2:30 to 4:30 in Loyola CJ 4.320) and a lecture at UdeM.

Dr. Sandra Gabriele (Department of Communications Studies, Concordia) writes: The seminar will discuss the mediatization of public outdoor spaces from a media archaeological point of view. Questions that will be raised include the following: How did we come to ‘inhabit’ images in our daily lives? How was the cultural condition known as “media culture” formed, not only in dedicated indoor venues like movie theaters and private homes? How did the media user become mobile? How can media archaeology as an emerging approach help us understand such issues?

Contact Dr. Gabriele to reserve a spot and to receive the assigned readings for the seminar.



Peggy Phelan- Histories of Performance Art

To download & disseminate: Histories of Performance Art: Fields, Sources, Repetitions

Peggy Phelan

Carleton University Conference

To download & disseminate: Carleton University Socio / Anthro Grad ConferencePoster - SAGSC 2014

Gabriella Coleman Talk Cancelled

Unfortunately, Dr. Coleman is ill and she has cancelled the talk she was scheduled to give today from 4-6. It sounds like the Comms Committee is going to try to reschedule if possible.

Meantime, you can check out Dr. Coleman’s website or follow her on Twitter @BiellaColeman.