Erkki Huhtamo Seminar & Lecture

via @bartsimon

The Media History Research Centre and TAG are sponsoring a series of events with Erkki Huhtamo of UCLA next week. These events include a seminar on April 8 (2:30 to 4:30 in Loyola CJ 4.320) and a lecture at UdeM.

Dr. Sandra Gabriele (Department of Communications Studies, Concordia) writes: The seminar will discuss the mediatization of public outdoor spaces from a media archaeological point of view. Questions that will be raised include the following: How did we come to ‘inhabit’ images in our daily lives? How was the cultural condition known as “media culture” formed, not only in dedicated indoor venues like movie theaters and private homes? How did the media user become mobile? How can media archaeology as an emerging approach help us understand such issues?

Contact Dr. Gabriele to reserve a spot and to receive the assigned readings for the seminar.




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