Inaugural Journal CFP – 2014 Intersections Participants

Attention Intersections Conference Presenters: Concordia Sociology and Anthropology Graduate students will be publishing the papers from this year’s Conference in the first edition of our student journal. We would love to include your paper!

If you would like to have your paper considered for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, the full and complete version of your paper (including all references and citations) needs to be submitted to us no later than Sunday March 23 at 11:59 pm EST.  The paper should cover part or all of your presentation during the conference and should additionally include/ incorporate some of the comments and feedback received during the discussion following your presentation.

Papers can be submitted to

 Paper Format Guidelines:

  • Between 5- 10 pages in length (approximately  1250- 2500 words
  • In .doc or .docx format (if you are using Open Office or another word processing program please ensure that you save your document in one of these compatible formats)
  • Ensure that your paper is open for review when saving; please do not mark as ‘final’ or convert to pdf
  • Times New Roman 12 point font with standard 1 inch margins
  • Please use Chicago Style Author-date for citations. For more information about this citation style please refer to

One Comment on “Inaugural Journal CFP – 2014 Intersections Participants”

  1. […] is very happy to announce that we will be starting up a student-run, peer-reviewed journal this year! For now, we will be limiting publications to papers given at this year’s SAGSA […]

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