2014 Conference Panel Schedule

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Friday, March 14

Morning Session (10:00 – 11:30)

  • Panel A (H-1120) – Bodies (1): Health and Society
    • Jennifer Couture – Celiac Disease: Resocialization, Activism and Identity
    • Ian Gartner – Managing Male Bodies and Identities: Double-Binds, Health, Aesthetics, and Hegemonic Masculinity
    • Danielle Miller-Beland – Mercury Poisoning: More than a Biological Ramification: The Social, Political and Environmental Implications of Human Toxicity
    • Daria Semionova – Changing Sex: Critiques on the Making and Erasure of Trans Subjectivity in 1990s Feminist Literature
  • Panel B (H-1154) – Intersections of Place & Space
    • Sara Breitkreutz – Revitalizing the Square: Approaches to an Ethnography of Place
    • Sara Hashem: Blurred lines between place and space: Being onsite and online during the Egyptian revolution
    • Anne-Sophie Pratte

Afternoon Session (1:00 – 2:30)

  • Panel C (H-1120) – Transdisciplinarity and Academic Futures
    • Charles Grey – Future Yesterdays: Anthropology, Post-Disciplinarity, and the Future of Academia
    • Karen Messer – The Untethered Researcher: Exploring Impacts of Interdisciplinary and Participatory Research on the Researcher
  • Panel D (H-1154) – Honours Undergraduate Showcase
    • Lydia Nicole Fanelli – The Changing Shape of Muslim Veiling
    • Kelly Jean Frisby – Travel A-Fraud? How Local and International Volunteers Conceptualize ‘help’ in a Development Context
    • Chase Ross – The Importance of Passing for Queer TG/TS Men
    • Adriana Sgambetterra – Navigating Identities Through Created Spaces: Young Muslims Respond to Charter of Values

Faculty Roundtable (2:45 – 5:00, H-1120) – What (if any) is the role of creativity and / or ‘new’ methodological approaches in contemporary social sciences research?

Saturday, March 15

Morning Session (11:30-1:00)

  • Panel E (H-1120) – Media and Material Culture
    • Andre Dubois –  The Intersection and Contestation of Space & Identity in Sports Cinema
    • Maria Ezcurra – The Threads, Trends and Threats of Gendered Public Pedagogy
    • Lei Mao – Another Stardom: Reconstructing the Early Gay Porn Industry through a Biographical Documentary
    • Sara Rodriguez – Disaster as Simulation: Heroism and Hyperrealism during Times of Catastrophe
  • Panel F (H-1154) – Conflict and Convergence
    • Sylvie Cohen – Blurred Lines: the Politics of Philanthrocapitalism in Quebec
    • Liz Meira Goes – Large Infrastructure Construction and Nature Conservation: The New Railway in Southern Brazil
    • Randy Pinsky – Amnesty, the Necessary Evil? Evaluating Amnesty’s Role in Ending the Conflict in Sierra Leone
    • Elizabeth White – Radio Africa, Intersections through Sonic Culture: The role of radio in colonization and post-colonial Africa

Afternoon Session (1:15 – 2:45)

  • Panel G (H-1120) – Beyond the Boundaries of ‘Citizenship’
    • Hicham El Alaoui – On the Practice of Jumping on a Freight Train (in Montreal): Perseverance of a Sub-Culture in an Over-Regulated Era
    • Ravi Jilwah – Wanderlust: Canadian Youth Expatriates in Japan
    • Kris Murray – Re-thinking Modes of Creative Citizenship: Graffiti and Street Art as Forms of Political Subjectivity
  • Panel H (H-1154) – Bodies (2): Aging, Death and Cyborgs
    • Mark Doerksen –  Where is the human body going?
    • Shaun Gamboa – True Detective: Disavowal and the Society Towards Death
    • Jordie Struck – Embodiment, Age and Sport

Please note panel times, rooms and groupings may change. 


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